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How Much Sex in Poor Things is Too Much?

How Much Sex in Poor Things is Too Much?

And...will the Oscars be "woke" forever and ever and ever?

It’s a podcast on the fly, with Jeff on his phone and Sasha in a hotel room in Nebraska.

—Jeff continues to grapple with Lily Gladstone and her frontrunner status.

—Was Poor Things too much sex that it obliterates any deeper meaning? How does it compare to Barbie?

—Is the “woke” thing forever? Is it our new normal?

—The Holdovers is an unusual film in its depiction of a strong male role model for wayward boys.

—The reactions to the Color Purple, Jeff finally will be seeing American Fiction.

—The Oscars don’t decide quality. They never have.

—Jeff on Napoleon and why didn’t they case someone short?

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Here’s the Barbie scene referenced:


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