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Moments of Truth (“Poor Things,” George)
Moments of Truth (“Poor Things,” George)

Jeff and Sasha considered many topics earlier today (i.e., Sunday, 10.1) including the first big NYFF viewings of Yorgos Lanthimos’s “Poor Things” (which contains, by the way, a really tasty dance sequence).  How will this imaginative, brazenly sexual Frankenstein-like film be received by the New Academy Kidz (i.e., the identity-above-quality crowd) and how will it settle in with older traditional liberals?  Toward the end we talked about the now permanently banned “George”, and why he finally got the HE axe.

01:00 — Strike/AI
04:00 —Superhero movies/box office pre-COVID
05:00 —Weakening celebrity cred
09:52 —Barbie
14:40 — Snow White
20:00 — Does “woke” ruin movies?
21:00 — Does opposition to “woke” make people uncomfortable?
24:00 —The cocoon of the left / what’s wrong with being a liberal?
28:00 —Trans stuff
31:00 —Movies at the theater back in the 1960s
40:00 — The shrinking Oscar race
44:00 — Poor Things
49:00 —Juliette Binoche lead or supporting
54:00—If Barbie was Poor Things
55:00—Banning George from the comments
60:05—Politics stuff
70:00—Online media overtaking television
70:01—Sideways couldn’t be made today just because of the launch of the iphone and social media, and what a great movie it is.

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