I'm a marathon swimmer, and I loved your discussion of Nyad. Your take on shark cages made my day.

A couple of things. First, about those cages:

1. Sharks pose little threat in the Florida Straits. But Nyad wants you to think they a giant one. That way, she seems more awesome than she is. (The most significant threat marathon swimmers face is cold water. Nyad eliminates that problem by only swimming where the water's warm.)

Also, shark cages create internal currents that help the swimmer. So, swimmers avoid cages if at all possible. Standard marathon swimming rules for what's called an unassisted swim allow only a cap, goggles, and a textile swimsuit. Anything else is considered assisted. Nyad desperately wanted an unassisted swim, so no shark cage, though she used all sorts of other prohibited accoutrements.

Also, two people have already completed the swim with a shark cage. Nyad wants to be special, so she left the cage at home.

2. However, that's all moot. Contrary to popular and media opinion, Nyad never proved she swam from Cuba to Florida under her own power. No governing body ever ratified her crossing. It's unlikely any ever will.

Nyad is, in fact, a fraud. She's marathon swimming's version of Lance Armstrong with a dollop of George Santos on the side. Gotta give her credit, though; she's a magnificent con artist.

(For some fraud stuff, see https://www.nyadfactcheck.com.)

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Everyone knew it was a marketing hype machine and has no substance same with Space Jam they know it's a hollow man / empty suit movie nothing no identity no substance and conservative media feigns outrage for viewership.

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