Bingo! Right you are. America at the Hands of a Cult part 1. I did save it but didn’t connect the title with the Timeline. Maybe I should get that tattooed on my arm, or maybe just remember next time. LOL!

Thank you so much. Sasha, you rock.

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I agree. Everything is changing fast. Unions are stuck in the past and out of touch with where things are going. AI might speed up first drafts but it is the current leftist culture that prohibits much creativity these days. Agree, agree, agree.

Btw, a few months or so ago, you ran this Timeline in the 4th Turning that totally blew my mind. It chronicled the series of crazed news cycels and scandals of the left. I believe that that kind of historical record is vital to stop them from memory-holing all their failed policies. I can’t find it. I thought I saved it. Could you give me the title and date?

Sasha, you are the best

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You don’t have to debate it. An explanation of the situation with more of an insider’s view would be fine.

By comparison, the coverage I see, and I don’t look for it, is legacy media, which I don’t trust. Any more context would be helpful.

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I think you should have treated the strike more seriously as a relevant issue in field of topics. You two could have added something. But bad mouthing producers as one dimensional villains is not what I’m talking about. You were too dismissive to a germane topic.

A little more structure and preparation would help too.

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