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Oscar Poker: Welcome to ‘24

Oscar Poker: Welcome to ‘24


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Paul Schrader on the witness stand — should he give a damn about cultural appropriation? And should he man up about his “Flower Moon” diss?

Plus what’s up with the curious but apparently undeniable rejection of “Maestro” on the message boards?

And will the advancing Macedonian army of Paul Giamatti take the city of Alexandria? And is there a stronger consensus out there for any contender other than “Oppenheimer”?

Subjects covered:

Paul Schrader’s reluctance to direct a script he wrote about three black brothers.

Paul Schrader’s comments on Scorsese’s Killers of the Flower Moon.

What happened with Maestro?

Radical Chic by Tom Wolfe

What would David Carr’s fate be now?

2022 Oscar year and why the same patterns play out.

Oppenheimer as the frontrunner - can it win?

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