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Weeping, Gasping Over “Maestro”

Weeping, Gasping Over “Maestro”


Jeff and Sasha recap some of his 11.3 “Maestro” screening, a turn-on event, which also included the Incredible Weeping Guy plus the (hopefully temporary) loss of his elephant-hide wallet. Plus “Anatomy of a Fall”, Best Supporting Actress contenders, a fight with an old friend…We chatter a bit about politics, then move on to whether or not the identity-focused politics of Hollywood has ruined storytelling.

0:00:00 - Jeff’s fight with his childhood friend over politics.
0:13:00 - Politics stuff — Israel/Hamas briefly.
0:14:00 - Jeff’s cat meows.
016:00 - Joe Biden and Dean Phillips
0:18:00 - Trump Derangement Syndrome
0:26:18 - Jeff on Maestro
0:28:00 - A Star is Born
0:36:00 - Nyad
0:39:00 - Grading on a curve
0:40:00 - Jeff’s friend openly weeping during Maestro
0:43:00 - Why storytelling matters
0:44:00 - The Holdovers - Alexander Payne’s film about kids left over at boarding school over Christmas
0:48:00 - The Taste of Things - a French film starring Juliette Binoche.
0:48:47 - Jeff’s friend “gasping and weeping” - what makes us cry in movies.
0:56:20 - May December - Todd Haynes’ film starring Natalie Portman and Julianne Moore
1:00 - Anatomy of a Fall - a French movie starring Sandra Huller about whether or not she murdered her husband.
1:20 - Most searched sex positions in New York Post
1:21 - Sasha’s road trip to Ohio for Thanksgiving.
1:22 - Best Actress is heating up.
1:30 - Sex in Anatomy of a Fall?
1:33 - Supporting Actress - Da’Vine Joy Randolph in The Holdovers, Penelope Cruz for Ferarri, etc.
1:33 - Outro

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